Sunday, June 22, 2003

So I finally got to see FoFo in action. And yeah, about time too! The first time was in Leeds a couple of days ago and I was blown away. I'd hoped for great things but didn't really expect such a powerful, physical performance. Despite a smallish turnout (why?) FoFo rocked. The new songs are amazing and the stuff from Quietus took on new dimensions for me after hearing it so many times on record. After that show it seemed daft to not go to the following nights gig. I had no way of getting there but Martin pulled a few strings and sorted me out.

So, Grimsby followed. Hitched a ride in the FoFo mobile passing the time looking at tour photos and admiring Marks i-Book. The show that night suffered from sound problems but even so FoFo are still a live force to be reckoned with. If you have'nt seen them yet you should do. If they aren't playing in your town, drive to where they are!

Non-music highlight of my time with them: Watching Dan and Whitney playing pool. They complained about the ball size (half what they are used to back home) and seemed intent on making the balls leave the table with each shot. Hard hats and body armour should have been standard issue to all within 10 feet. Still, they got their moneys worth out of the game!!

So, thanks to Mark, Nick, Whitney and Dan for letting me tag along. Thanks also to Martin (sorry I never said goodbye. I couldn't find you), Karli and Bestie for hooking me up with my homeward ride. I think that's everything..... See you again sooner rather than later, I hope.

The new record Well Versed in Deception is outstanding. Beg, borrow or steal some money to buy a copy.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Thanks to Dennis for handling a lot of the news for us, as we haven't really had much time to do it ourselves. We are doing well in the UK right now, enjoying the weather and enjoying being clean (for a change).

Anyway, I believe the official release date for the Well Versed in Deception CD is August 12th back home in the states. We apologize that it keeps getting pushed back, but this time it was because of some changes that are being made at Lumberjack. The LP will be available a bit before then, through Stickfigure, Level Plane, and probably pretty much all of the usual places.

Ok... that's all.
Forstella Ford's Euro Tour is doing great, with it's usual ups and downs!! they finally have all their merch with them with great black shirts with a 2 color design and the scenepolice logo on the lower neck!
As of now the "Well Versed in Deception" LP is available in the states either directly thru or (to save on international postage) thru by the end of this month!
the CD Release of "Well Versed in Deception" has been postponed till the middle of August.