Saturday, September 29, 2001

Texas SUCKS. The whole state smells like up dog.

Friday, September 28, 2001

It is 1:30 p.m. here in Albuquerque and we just woke up. Tour has made us slovenly. How sweet it is…!

This is to quell all the circulating rumors: Forstella Ford and all its associates have not fled to Canada. They have not run up crazy mad credit card bills. True, however, is the one about the web site being hacked. Oh how tremendously true it is! John Holmes is a rat bastard, indeed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

It’s amazing how quickly California changes from cities with mild weather and lots of great things to see to desert, rocky hills, and hot-as-hell temperatures. We’re currently in the El Dorado Motel in El Centro, CA. We stopped here because it was the cheapest in the coupon book we picked up at a rest stop. It’s not a bad place, but it was a bit sketchy “sneaking” in here, since the owner/clerk spends most of his time out in the parking lot. Don’t ask me why he does that, since it’s incredibly hot outside. He saw all five of us enter the room, however, and said nothing (knock on wood). He never asked us how many people were in the room, though, so we never lied.

The Real Word is horrible. The MTV show, that is. Some girl on said show is presently going on and on about when she met the singer of that band Midtown on the Warped Tour; she said she’s in love with him. She did say that anyone with a guitar around their neck is ten times hotter, though. Rawr. Unfortunately, for yours truly, ten times negative one is negative ten.

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

In many ways, I really do wish that tour could be as exciting as that age old cliché of sex, drugs and rock and roll. But I wish in vain because that’s just not how it is.

Case in point: one of the most notable things that happened to us today was feeling the heat rise to the point of being almost unbearable the further west we traveled in California. Right now we’re semi-illegally in yet another hotel room, this time in El Centro, CA, which is in Imperial County. How cool is that? Imperial!

I’ve begun to notice how people from every city, when you ask them what there is to do where they live, respond in a muttered tone, somewhat uncomfortable and embarrassed, “ah, nothing much.” An old school chum of ours (well, she is mostly Jim’s friend, but…), Audrey, who now lives in San Diego, said just that when I asked her that very question this afternoon. But after a while, she took us to Balboa Park, which is less like a park and more like a weird series of connected buildings offset from the main part of the city and skirted by sundry plots of nature (it is really green and palm tree-intensive in some parts and more bland and desert-like in another parts, which just seems fucked up, if you think about it). The buildings, for some reason, reminded me of Vienna, but with a heavy Mexican influence. It’s hard to explain, really, but it was totally cool, interesting and fun, and I’m really glad that Audrey took us there. The best things to see in any given city are not life and/or perception altering, I don’t think—they are usually simple and seemingly banal to weary “natives.” I’ve honestly come to believe that the subtle details are what really reveal a city.

So, that said, show it all, baby, show it aaaallll!
bring me del taco and i'll bring you the fugazi stuff.. yeah its not out til next month. i'll have a copy for you on the 7th can you wait 12 days?
Michael (aka Tex), Whitney and myself went swimming today. It was awesome. I didn't go swimming at all this summer. It was in an incredibly large semi-public community pool, but we were the only people in it.

Whitney is currently gone with our new friend Mehran, in whose home we are currently taking refuge from the usual cramped / cable television deprived apartments we are more accustomed to. They're getting more Del Taco, which is FINE BY ME. I love that place! As far as fast food Mexican restaurants go, I would have to say that it's the best I've had.

Okay, they're back. Time to eat! I went to try to find the new Fugazi CD Cody loves so much, but I couldn't find it. Maybe it's not actually released? I await patiently Cody's response-blog.

Monday, September 24, 2001

Nights and nights on dusty floors in punk rock hovels? hehe. That's not very nice. I can really only think of one or two places that we've stayed that were dusty or otherwise nasty. Obviously, I'm not going to say when or where that was, because that wouldn't be very nice, but overall, I think we've stayed in some awesome places.

Last night, we ate Del Taco (yet again), and today we're going to a pizza place (a hop skip and a jump away from Revelation Records... haha) that has large pizzas for only $5.00. Being the only vegan in the group, I don't know what that means for me, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.
We're safe, as far as I know. Of course, we woke up and turned on a Saturday Night Live rerun instead of watching the news, so, in all actuality, the other side of the United States may have been blown to proverbial smithereens (who, incidentally, are the musical guests on this episode of SNL!) while we slept, but as of now, we're none the wiser—things seem great!

I don't think that Mark did this house adequate justice in his post last night. After nights and nights on dusty floors in punk rock hovels, it is a welcome change to stay in a gorgeous almost-mansion, where our hosts offers to let us use his washing machine. Blame my extreme un-punkness if you must... That's just me.

We're still sort of just lingering in southern California. We're working on trying to set up one more show in the area for tomorrow (to be announced only if it pans out), but if it we can't get on it, we'll probably low-tail (!) it to Arizona. Can you believe that I'm the only one who has ever seen the Grand Canyon? Wouldn't you say that it is a must? We want to rent donkeys. Asses on asses: what a concept!
I'm very afraid. We're having an awesome night. One of the best so far. The thing is, the last time we thought Lady Luck had graced us with her presence was September 10th. I remember distinctly thinking "what could possibly go wrong from here?" Well, that was all because we got a free hotel room. Tonight, we're staying in a huge house somwhere near LA, with Comedy Central, a Del Taco within walking distance, a swimming pool, and a computer with a cable modem. I don't even want to know what's going to happen tomorrow morning.

We played at Koo's in Santa Ana for the second time tonight, thanks to our new friend Brian and everyone else there. We got added to another show since we didn't have one today. It was an awesome show, too. We made up for our less-than-stellar performance a few days ago by playing better than we have in a very long time. I hope it is the start of something good. If only my amp didn't suck...

Sunday, September 23, 2001

Well, it's been a while since I last blogged. Why, you ask? Well, because I though I had sort of given up on checking my e-mail and/or using the computer. I seem to end up being very tired by the time my turn at bat comes around. It doesn't help that I get ridiculous amounts of junk mail, so sifting through my inbox is a task in and of itself. Tour is going well, still, though tonight was an off night for me. For whatever reason, I had basically no interest in playing tonight. I had other things on my mind that were dragging me away from putting energy into playing. People must have noticed, but they played it off as though they did not.

Whitney, Brian and Tex are discussing The Ladies Man, and I wish I could relate. I watched it at the same time as Whitney, but for some reason I don't remember it. Perhaps it was something I drank...

Hmm... I don't have much else to say. It's 2:30 am (4:30 back home) and I'm tired as hell. Goodnight.
Lots and lots of zig-zagging lately. We’ve been south, north, south, more south. I’m not sure if that’s technically zig-zagging, but it feels like it.

Yo-yoing? There, that sounds better.

We’re in San Diego right now. Both of our hosts are asleep, the overly friendly cat is scratching at the Lazy Boy and the other dudes are engaged in a conversation with our new friend, Brian, who has been our guest in the van for the past few days and whose house guests we were for a few nights when were up in Santa Ana.

Speaking of Santa Ana, if you are near that town, please take note that the band (Forstella Ford, duh) will more than likely be playing at Koo’s again tomorrow night. Please try to show up if you can.

This afternoon, on the sidewalk of a strip mall, we saw a rockabilly looking dude who was wearing a shirt that said, in bold blue letters, “STRAIGHT PRIDE!” Whitney just pointed out that he was walking into SAV-ON side-by-side with a male companion. Suspect? Certainly. Anyway, the whole thing got me thinking: have there ever been any reported cases of someone having the shit kicked out him for being straight? All I’ll say is that that guy was a perfect candidate for an asswhoopin’. Fucking greasy meatheads…

Oh, you all need this compact disc.
OH MY FUCK!!!!!!!! the new fugazi cds!!!!!!!!!! ladies and gents we have a new best cd ever made. WOW WOW WOW!!!

Friday, September 21, 2001

Sorry, our site was hacked by John Holmes. We figured it out and fixed it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

This band is starting me in on a life of crime.

It took us nearly two hours to creep our way out of San Francisco. We drove around a bit, southish, where the overcastness was less severe and the temperature was markedly warmer. Our goal was to find a mall that would allow us both to eat and see a matinee. Cheapness was, of course, a top priority in both cases.

After driving around a bit, and stopping off to look for and at phonebooks and newspapers in impeccably clean San Jose, we made our way to a mall that we would soon find out could satisfy only one of our “requests”—the one relating to the gut.

While eating, a tall woman in oversized stretch pants said, “How you boys doing?” as the contents of her tray slid down into the trash. We nodded, in unison, a sullen ok—that being all we could muster after the little sleep we had managed the night before (a long, uninteresting, yet fairly amusing story). A short while later, the same woman walked back in and, slipping a few folded bills into Mark’s hand, said, “This is for you,” and then immediately walked back out into the mall. We soon followed, perplexed and $3 richer.

There was more aimless driving. Well, it shouldn’t have been aimless, but it was because we hadn’t the slightest idea where we were. We were in search of another mall that could meet our second need, the need for visual stimulation. We eventually found a theatre and paid the $5.50 admission required to see “Jay and Silent Bob”—and let’s just say that, in my opinion, it was less than stimulating, though the overpriced Icee I sprung for did taste damn good.

After the movie ended, the dudes swept me away into another theatre. And this is where my life of crime begins. We didn’t pay. I’ve never not paid, being the Honest Abe that I am! But, in this case, thank god we didn’t pay! This time it was“Rushhour 2” which, though infinitely more visually stimulating (la-la-ladies!) than our previous cinematic endeavor (?), was still a great waste of time.

We eventually made our way to Santa Cruz. And that’s where we are now. Mark is noisily reading something, my ass is falling asleep and the rest of the dudes are sleeping. I should join them in that activity. Oh yes.

Sunday, September 16, 2001

Cody, you just sounded like a damn dirty hippie! Just kidding.

This is the third Best Western in which we have stayed. It's only the 2nd one we paid for, though.

I remember when we got the one for free, we had every intention of posting something to this effect:

We just spent $14 on a hotel room and a case of beer. Which one do you think we paid for?

But, unfortunately, we couldn't use the phone line, because we paid with cash. After that night, we stayed in three places in a row that didn't have phone lines we could use. Oh well.

We keep seeing all sorts of "God bless America" signs all over the place, and I even saw one that said "ENUFF TALK. GET TUFF. ATTACK!" Argh. For one thing, if there is a God, I bet he/she/it doesn't like bombs or war very much (even less than professional sports). And why are people itching to see us kill a bunch of people? Why should that make them feel better, or safer, or whatever they think it will allow them to feel? Fuuuuuuuuuck.
i know everybody is sick to death of the subject, but we all have to throw in our 2 cents when it comes to the major current events. first and foremost, massive actions by terrorists should not lead us into a war which is impossible to win, but should make us re-evaluate our foreign policy. people do not sacrifice their own lives for a cause with no point. it should serve more as a wake up call than anything else. if the united states had pissed people off enough that they are willing to go to these extents, it probably means that we are the 'evil' in this media/presidentially claimed holy war of 'good and evil'. does anybody else recall those basic physical science lessons in which we learned that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? if these were just random acts of terrorist violence they would not all be aimed at the united states. there is a strong political message being conveyed, and we still aren't listening. second of all it is absurd to think that we are going to be able to wage war and come out the victors. if you look at our recent track record, we were not able to defeat the north vietnamese. and they were an organized government in a central location, and fielded an army that, for the most part, played by the rules of 20th century warfare. we are now facing an enemy that has no home land, plays by no rules, hates us more than we love ourselves, and actually believes in what they are fighting for. they have access to biological weapons that can and will create mass destruction on an unprecedented level, making the bombings on tuesday pale in comparison in terms of casualties and tragedy. finally, lets remember that no empire in the history of the world has stood the test of time. it doesn't take a massive world military leader to take out an opponent. rome was sacked by the gauls, and the united states was formed by a band of rebels prevailing over the dominant political, military, and colonial force of the day. we are not invincible.
Yeah... we're on tour, even though it sorta feels odd. The country is in a really weird state right now, and being on tour is sort of scary. We keep hearing that gas is going to be $5 a gallon, but we've yet to even break the $2 mark. The most we paid was $1.95, but usually, it's about $1.60.

We're in a Best Western in Redding CA right now, just watching some shit on TV and drinking Budweiser (except for Nick). Jim is talking about how he's really hungry, and how much he wishes he could go swimming. It seems like any other night, but knowing that it's not is really weird. What if we enter some dumbass war tomorrow? It's scary to be over 2,000 miles from home and to not be sure as to what will be going on tomorrow. At the same time, it's hard to feel as though anything we're going through is "scary", when you think about what people who lost their loved ones are feeling. It seems as though our only real concern is money, which means absolutely nothing in the long run. As wrong as it feels to say this, we are having an incredible time, and where we are right now is exactly where we'd all love to be.

I wish everyone could say the same...
So I said Spokane, but, in actuality, it is Redding, California. We—and I don’t mean this factiously—are really excited to be here. All day, Whitney, Mark and I have been humming fragments of one of our favorite old Mountain Goats songs (“I thought of you up in Canada as a lightening storm lit up all downtown Redding”). The boys are threatening to move here and start a communal, self-sustaining mountain-perched life. We’ll see.

Yes, you’re dealing with hippies here. Not me, them.

Right now we’re in a snuck-into Best Western, drinking Budweiser (well, everyone excluding Jim, who is shaving and Nick, who doesn’t drink, but who nonetheless considers Budweiser to be the King of Beers) and watching South Park. Yet more proof that the rock and roll lifestyle is a figment of everyone’s imagination. Well, the figment of every lame-ass’s imagination. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the category we fall under.

(It should be noted that the word snuck isn’t in Microsoft Word’s spell check, but Budweiser is. Perhaps we should formulate yet another conspiracy theory? Hmm…)

I never gave the West much thought —this is my first time here—, thinking it was nothing more than coffee, smugness, and sundry posturing hipsters. But no! is those partly those things. But mostly what it is is glorious! Mountains. Sea. Sky, trees, sky. Glorious.

I’m sure someone else will be able to contribute something much more enlightening.

Much love, Tex.

ps: Massive shout outs to The Fucking Vold. Goodbye five year drought!

Friday, September 14, 2001

haha yeah i like to blog. i do think the car full of flight manuals was kinda weird but that made me think that maybe they were running a huge ass operation that wasn't over. and sure enough today they kept rounding up more people trying to jack planes. i know they aren't dumb enough to leave those there without them getting found so i don't know why they left those there other then they weren't expecting bush to shut down air travel us wide. either way there are more terrorists out there and man i'm sorry but they are most likely arab. maybe the bear was driving but how could that be? unless there was a car full of midgits. show me the money!
Damn. That's all I can say. We were all excited the other night, because we were having the coolest night ever. So, it's Monday, we don't have a show, because we have an crazy long drive from Rapid City, SD to Spokane, WA. We decide to get a hotel room near Yellowstone. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people around (in Montana???), and it was difficult to find one. Whitney was told at one hotel that the Best Western had smoking rooms left. We almost didn't bother to even go in, because it looked expensive. But Whitney tried anyway. The clerk at the front desk was being really cool, and gave him the gov't employee discount to begin with. But, then, she gave him a receipt and said "here's the receipt proving that you paid". We don't know if she did it on purpose or not, but we got a free hotel room. We couldn't have been more excited. We woke up in the morning, watched a bad movie on HBO, Whitney took a swim in the pool. I sort of overheard some of the cleaning people talking about how everyone airport in the country was shut down, and I didn't know why. So we turned on the radio to see if we could hear anything about it, and that's when we found out about what happened. It seemed unbelievable at first - like the War of the Worlds / Martian stuff from the fifties. We've had time to come up with some conspiracy theories that we're not going to share with you, but let's just say they're out there. haha. But, you have to admit, some of the shit is a bit hard to handle. I mean, flight manuals in Arabic left in rental cars? Yeah, as if they wanted to "brush up" right before...oh, ne'er mind. We're just crazy from spending so much time in the van.

Following one of the coolest things that ever happened to us on tour with the very worst thing that's ever happened wasn't so great, but on a lighter note, here are some improvements made on this tour from every other tour we've ever gone on:

  • Our new policy of switching off drivers, as opposed to the old "Whitney drives until he's really sick of it, and then Mark drives, but no one else. Even Tex and Jim have been driving.
  • A much better soundtrack (highlights: new Camden band stuff, new Death Cab for Cutie, our damn CD [eat it], a bunch more)
  • The weather
  • The shows actually have people at them.

I sort of feel bad having a good time, in light of all of the horrible things that took place on Tuesday. Believe me, it makes it weird, and we certainly aren't putting it out of our minds.

Anyway, we missed our show in Vancouver, but all of the other shows have been awesome. We're lucky we weren't in Vancouver when it all went down. Seattle ain't bullshittin'.

Cody, I think sometimes you might just want to go ahead and e-mail us stuff that you have posted on this blog. :)

Thursday, September 13, 2001

yeah fofo didn't go into canada last night which was a good move because the us border dudes would have had a field day ripping up all the stuff in the van on the way back. whitney looks like a terrorist that wants to blow up the space needle. the show in seattle is on i think unless they canceled locally. i haven't sent any demos in the mail obviously because there are no airplanes and only airplanes count. the stock market won't open til monday and i don't know what will happen but maybe things could be more expensive for a little bit.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

i'm sure you guys are seeing gas stations overrun with hoarders and some gas stations price gouging. i wouldn't cancel the tour over fears of $4 gas yet.. there is no reason to belive that oil prices will spike because of this. those gas stations are breaking the law and should be fined. the prices might be rough tomorrow but i'm sure you can find places that still follow the law. the stock exchange in japan crashed tonight and the dollar will take a hit when the markets open again but i doubt you will feel anything from a tour stand point. in short i would say keep the rock going but call ahead on the canada situation before you decide to go... it makes more sense to keep going rather then taking a big hit coming back.. i don't even know what you're thinking at this point but if you are up in the air thats my two cents.
well since we've had something 5000x worse then pearl harbor happen, the united states borders are closed. the 9-12 show in vancouver BC will no doubt be canceled unless the borders open up before tomorrow.... if you guys are reading this i wouldn't bother going towards canada tonight after your show... try to call the border station you will cross at to see if its open or something..

Monday, September 10, 2001

I was a little bit put off last night, what after our longlong drive through the less than thrilling Wyoming terrain and the fact that we arrived at the show in time to see strobing black lights and a disturbingly naked-as-the-day-he-was-born guitar player. They, Jonny X and The Groadies, played a brand of rock that can primarily be described as ear splitting, but also can fall under the heading of scary as hell.

Luckily, I later found out that they are really nice guys. So all first impressions have been retracted.

The house was extremely cramped. There was virtually no room to set up merchandise and very little division between band and audience. Before taking the “stage,” the boys seemed less than thrilled to be playing. And apparently they didn’t feel so into it when they were playing either, but let me tell you this: it was definitely up there as one of the best shows on the tour so far. It sounded really loud, really powerful, possibly even abrasive. People were really into it, too, swaying and bobbing back and forth, horribly off time. Fantastic.

The house we stayed at is high up on a hill in some weird cluster of track houses. At night, the lights of the city sort of swim around below in all directions, like some fabulous electric mote. Poorly described, maybe, but something to behold, for sure.
See you in Spokane.

Over and out, Tex
I fucking hate Danny Bonaducci!!!
right now we are just sittin' around shootin' the shit with dale, the super nice guy who let us play at his house tonight on rather short notice. we're talkin' about how scary the states around here are (wyoming, montana, most of the dakotas, and a lot of colorado) and sneaking out of the navy. i never knew that tex worked with the woman that found a syringe in her pepsi a few years back, and our friend josh almost once got arrested for prank calling a taxidermist and telling them he had a bald eagle he needed stuffed. learn something new everyday. i'd like to send a shout out to larry and dave nichols. peace out.

Sunday, September 09, 2001

If there is one piece of wisdom I would like to transmit to all prospective roadies, it is this: never, ever, start drinking beer in high altitudes three hours (or more) before the show starts, no matter how tempting it may (nay, will) be. If you fail to heed my advice, you will find yourself a drunken buffoon, red-cheeked and slurring, unable to sell merch after the show has ended. Your band will fire you and send you back home on the first possible bus.

Luckily, the first bus back to Milwaukee doesn’t leave until November 19th, so I guess I’ll have to live with the wrath of all members of Forstella Ford until that time. Uh-oh.
Okay, Level Plane now has copies of the CD. I think they're available from them. Ebullition should be adding it to their catalog in the next update. Yesterday, I had written that you can get the CD from us, but don't do that. We can't afford to sell them for less than $10, and Level Plane has them for $8. No Karma should have them soon, too.

The show in Colorado Springs was amazing. Quite possibly our best show experience ever. We're out of the Arquebus Vs. Archer 7-inch, large hooded sweatshirts, and Insincerity Down to an Artform. I hope we don't run out of anything else.

Saturday, September 08, 2001

Tour is going well, still. We're in Colorado Springs, at the High Life House eating some insanely good tofu/garlic/vegetable/peanut sauce saute stuff that they made for us. Yum, yum. We hopped on a show in Lincoln, NE yesterday with Her Flyaway Manner (great band), because our show in Lawrence never worked out. That was pretty cool. Tomorrow, we're playing in Rapid City, SD w/ Johnny X and the Groadies. That should also be cool. Word.

Friday, September 07, 2001

i read 'high times' cover to cover 3 times and i didn't see anything like that about jim in there?? was that this months?

Thursday, September 06, 2001

According to recent research, Jim is a liberal quaker.
Shows that are only an hour and a half away from where you are rule. It's 4 pm and we're still hanging out in Des Moines. We're about to make some pasta, and then finally head to Omaha. I think we managed to fill in a few dates that sketchy lazy people created in our tour dates. If everyone had their junk together like Morty (whose apartment we are currently in), life would be a million times better. Morty rules.
You know, I thought of one good thing about me always being the last one to get on the computer. My blogs show up at the top! I have to agree with Mike; the show tonight was awesome. So much fun. I wish all shows would go like this. I ate too much pasta tonight. I think I will sleep well, at least.

Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Right now, we're watching a Woody Allen movie ("Everything You Wanted...") and eating pasta. So much for the rock and roll lifestyle. The show tonight was the best yet, I'd say, from a spectator's point of view. Also, we earned enough money for me to buy both as pair of Camper and a pair of Kenneth Cole. Can't always wear Jordan's, you know...
Anyway, The Vida Blue kicked ass and made me laugh. Those are good things. So, all is well.
I'm falling into a pit of lameness. I should stop before I get too deep. Soooo deeeeeep. Werd.
god dammit mark!!! don't go dissin' the snakepit when you know that nick and i went to see them like a year ago!!! but that was when they were better... you know i liked them better when slash's original liver was in the band.
Wear something warm on your feet; I believe Hell has frozen over. I only say that because something actually came through for us, for once. Nothing ever does, but somehow, our CDs were actually finished and sent out like we were hoping/expecting. We're getting them tomorrow. Slash's Snake Pit is on MTV-X right now, and we're all wondering what sort of person, in their right mind, would ever listen to shit like this. Well, it's off to Des Moines, where there will actually be a show! Rock.
We're in Sioux Falls right now, but unfortunately, we didn't play a show. I honestly don't know why it didn't come through, and to tell the truth, we're pretty damn disappointed about it all, but we're having fun now. We're hanging out with Jayson at his house, and someone we never thought we'd see again (Charles) is here, which is pretty cool. Tour is still going well, but we definitely don't like days without shows. Oh well. There's always tomorrow.
i'm sitting online right now waiting for fofo to sign on at some fancy hilton they stay at haha.. tonight i saw a friend thats been gone all summer.. he has a hot water music tattoo he got at sturgis... thats pretty cool.

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Concur? Yes, no, yes, no, yes. We're in an Econolodge right now, watching Saturday Night Live from 1989. I don't think it's a rerun, however, because the rest of this room seems to be from 1989 as well. This is like the 1989 embassy.
Best things about touring so far are: excessive plays of new songs by the new Camden band (sure, I'm biased, but I think that the others will concur), the new Jordan's I bought with merch money, merch money in general, bugsmeared windows and the super cute girl in all black in Mankato, MN! HEEELLOOO! (Again, I may be biased, but again, the others will most definitely concur)

Monday, September 03, 2001

Now hear ye!! Unlike Whitney, I have something important to say.
Give me a while.
CODY HAS GONE MAD WITH POWER! even i don't have access to the main pages of our website and i am actually in the band! tour is so much better than home... i think i just slept for like 11 hours or something like that... and michael got at least 12. lazy little jerk. hogging all the sleep. yeah, i never really have anything important to say.

Sunday, September 02, 2001

hey nick? remember when you told me where i could get one of those flight cases/pedal boards like mark has? i forgot what you said. i just got a pedal tuner for $80 from musicians friend and it came with free power cables for other pedals which is like damn! so i had to get it.. shit thats a deal and a half. i guess i need to start saving but i suck at that. last night i bought a VCR just to watch a tape mark gave me but its was not worth it what so ever.. i needed a new VCR anyway.. i'm gonna use it to make mad ebay money if you know what i'm sayin.
Tour is going great so far. Note my sarcasm. If great means having Jim be in jail, Mike lost, and Whitney pregnant, then it's going really great. But my mother taught me a different meaning for the word great. That being said, tour is going horribly. Nick and I are fine, though. We're squatting at some house in Iowa City. Ashley Olsen lives here, and I'm not joking.

Okay, I'm just kidding. Tour is going awesome so far. I mean, it's only one day into it, but we had a lot of fun at the show yesterday. There was a show after ours with all country bands, too. It was really fun to see. We're off to get Whitney's drum carpet (he left it at the show last night, even though he specifically mentioned it to us so that we wouldn't let him forget), and then we're headed to Minneapolis.

Saturday, September 01, 2001

Its 4:30 am and i'm not doing anything.. I worked tonight til 12:30 but then I drank and ended up at my managers apt... I tried not to pee on her car. I wish I could say more for the benefit of the dudes but yeah this is public and shit. Micheal Seidel stole my girlfriend.
It's 2 am and I have so much shit to do before we leave for tour (at about 10 am), it's not even funny. Nick and I had to go to the practice space and clear everything out (by ourselves, I might add). It took about 4 hours, and we're lucky that there wasn't even ONE more thing to take, because it barely fit into his car. What a waste of time. Anyway, I should definitely shut off the computer and get to work.