Monday, October 28, 2002

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Sunday, October 27, 2002

Our first real show with Dan was pretty successful, and a whole lot of fun. The new song we played (it's called "I Can Get Away With Anything") went over really well, which was exciting for us. We're playing another show on November 1st at the Globe, which will be our first show in Milwaukee proper since April. Then, we're playing AGAIN at the Globe in Milwaukee, but we'll be playing a lot more new songs. So, if you want to hear songs you'll know, come on November 1st. If you want to hear new songs, come on November 24th. If you want to hear both (which we hope you do), come to both shows.

We've deleted our mailing list and started a new one. If you were already on the mailing list, you'll have to sign up again if you ever want to receive an update from us. We're well aware that it's been quite some time since we last sent out an update, but honestly, it's because our mailing list wasn't put together very well and eventually just stopped working all together. The new one is much easier to manage, and we intend on sending out updates on a regular basis from now on.

We're going to be releasing a record with Long Island label Onedaysavior some time in 2003. We'll keep you posted on that.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

I updated the shows page. We're finally going to play in Milwaukee again. Because it's been a while, we figured we'd overdo it and play twice in the same month. Other than what's posted, we're not going to be playing out much, because we're working really hard on writing new stuff. It's going really well thus far; we've already got a handful of songs, and a bunch of ideas.

Jessica lives in Milwaukee now. Rock. On that note, she and I are going to accompany Nick to Emperor of China to get some lunch.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Hey Martin. I haven't sent out anything to the mailing list in a while, but for a good reason: I can't remember how! I tried it when we parted ways with Jim, because I thought people would want to know, but it apparently didn't work. I think we're also going to have stuff available on No Karma's site, because Michael e-mailed me and sort of reminded me that he's willing to help out with that.

I was going to copy and paste the most recent message from Michael Moore regarding Dubya, but I figured it'd be easiest to just link it.

Greetings from the UK. I'm guessing that advertising the merch via the mailing list would be too much hassle? Maybe on a first come-first served reservation basis. I'd buy some stuff from you but the whole auction thing spooks me a bit. I'm guessing it's all harmless but I have such bad luck....

Take care,

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

We have Forstella Ford t-shirts, hoodies, records and CDs available for sale/auction on Skylab Commerce. Please go over and take a look, they are an independent auction site (similar to ebay) and it's free to bid and sell! Don't worry, the money from these auctions goes directly to the band. We're just doing this until we can figure out a good way to list them for sale on the actual website. Word.