Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Finally, "Well Versed in Deception" is out on vinyl!!! 745 on black vinyl, 300 on orange and 10 special european tour editions (handnumbered in a diffrent sleeve / these you can get from their gig in munich on)! New shirts will arrive any day now, so from the blieskastel-fest on you can get great black shirts with a 2 color design!! And there still is the limited tour edition of the CD (only 100 made and handnumbered), all of these can be purchased at one of the FoFo shows... or thru www.scenepolice.de (if you live in europe)! FoFo will be touring the states right after the Euro Tour (10-20.07) and they will have a bunch of all that with them! GO SEE THEM!!!!! Up on www.scenepolice.de we will put up personal pictures of FoFo soon, with all of the lads and one lass hanging out and getting completly wasted!

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

FORSTELLA FORD's brandnew full lenght called "Well Versed in Deception" is finally out on CD!!! There also is special red shirts limited to 96 copies with 11 of them messed up and they are given away for free when ordering the new record/cd!
And for all them collector nerds FoFo have a limited tour edition of the CD with them (only 100 made and handnumbered), they can be purchased at one of the FoFo shows...check www.scenepolice.de for details!!!
No release date has been shedueled for the states yet. Sadly! But FoFo will be touring the US straight after the Euro Tour (10-20.07) and they will have a bunch of that record with them! GO SEE THEM!!!!!i'm having a GGREEAAAT time with them and karli! A fun bunch of lads and one lass! check www.scenepolice.de for dates!

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Attn: Person who bought Mark Sheppard's Sonic 4x12 guitar cab.

2 years ago I gave Mark a Music Man speaker that I had extra because he blew one in his cabinet and I blew up my old Music Man combo. Since that time, I purchased a new Music Man combo amp that does not have the Music Man speaker. I was wondering if you would like to do a trade 12" speaker for 12" speaker so I can have the speaker that belongs with my amp. If you see this anytime soon and would be willing to help a brotha out send me an email.


Good-bye Milwaukee, hello EUROPE!

Well, this is it: our last full day in the US for about two months. We're scrambling to get everything ready for tour. Nick's actually at our dad's place of employment weighing all of the items we want to check as luggage. Assuming it all goes as planned, we will be able to actually bring everything we intend on bringing, even without the added convenience of a fifth person.

We're excited-as-hell to be returning to Europe. We're also excited about the fact that our first ever tour with Dan is going to be a European one. I mean, hell, the furthest he's ever really been away from home is Kansas City! It'll definitely be a much more surreal experience for him when we first get over there.

We've been receiving a lot of e-mails asking when we plan to do a US tour. It makes sense, because this is the longest we've ever really gone without touring. The answer we've been giving everyone is that we honestly don't know. Whitney and Dan are very very close to completely finishing school, so there's a chance we may take this fall semester off from touring in order to allow them to concentrate on school. Once they finish that, you can probably bet we'll be touring 10 months out of the year or something crazy like that.

However, we do have very very rough plans to do a short east coast mini-tour, from July 10th through 20th. We haven't even come up with the definite route we'll be taking, so feel free to give us suggestions. Either drop us an e-mail, or just sign the guestbook; either way works fine.

We still don't have a solid US release date for Well Versed in Deception. It's being pushed back yet again... most likely until some time in August. When we have more solid information, we will definitely let you know. For everyone in Europe, however, we're going to have copies on tour. The first few days, we'll be selling a limited to 100 tour edition. It's the actual CD (not a burned CD) with covers that we made. *cough*ebay*cough*.

Oh yeah, feel free to still order things from our store. We left a bunch of our merch in what is now Whitney's former bedroom, and our lovely merch specialist(hehe) Jessica will be taking care of orders. To anyone who ordered in the past and experienced the chaos that was our old system of keeping track of orders, fear not: the new online store we set up makes things a lot easier to deal with.

That's all for now. Bye for now!

Monday, May 05, 2003

Oh my lord was this weekend fun! We owe a million bizgillion thanks to TEN GRAND for asking us to be a part of it. Thanks also to Jessica, Ryan, Alyssa, Amber, Megan and Amelinda for coming with. It's really cool sometimes to have a 11 seats in our van... :)

We successfully recorded the show (well, our set and Ten Grand's set) in Pro Tools and videotaped it. I'm working on putting it all together, while learning how to use Final Cut Pro. If it works out well, I'll be posting at least one song from our set up here. We recorded Ten Grand's set in audio, but our video isn't good. Maybe we can send the audio to someone who got better video and they can put it together. It was such a good set that it's worth being seen by everyone...

Thursday, May 01, 2003

OK... The store is back up!
I accidentally deleted our whole store last night. So now I have to enter in all of the "products" again. Shitty.